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31 08 2011

Check out my article about the Arts Centers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, including  Kennedy Heights Arts CenterBaker-Hunt Art and Cultural CenterThe Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center, the Clifton Cultural Arts Center and parProjects.

The online magazine was emailed to subscribers yesterday soon after it was published on the Web. You can also find it here.

Here’s a little sneak peak:


Steel drums and sculpture. Photography and modern dance. With passionate, eclectic laders and a host of talented supporters, Cincinnati’s local community array of classes and concerts designed to bring neighbors together. Soapox tours a few of our region’s growing, vibrant cultural gathering spots.

As Ellen Muse-Lindeman, the executive director of the Kennedy Heights Arts Center, makes her way to the upstairs office of the mansion-turned community arts center, she marvels at the quiet. The 240 children ages five to 14 enrolled in educational art camps learning about visual arts, dance, theatre and music are gone now; the noise and busyness of the 10-week summer session concluded in mid-August. But before Muse-Lindeman and her army of volunteers move on to the center’s fall activities, she has a parade to plan…


Read more here!




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