Cincinnati Magazine »» The Dynamo of OTR: Cedric Michael Cox

6 10 2010

Check out my article about visual artist Cedric Michael Cox featured in this week’s issue of Cincinnati Magazine!

The magazine hit shelves this month and is available all over the Cincinnati area. You can also find it online here.

October 2010 cover of Cincinnati Magazine

The cover of the October 2010 issue of Cincinnati Magazine.

Here’s a little sneak peak:


Cedric Michael Cox is wide awake as he trots down the stairs of the Kennedy Heights Arts Center. He was up most of the previous night, preparing for an exhibition at the Weston Art Gallery, but the hours spent in his Over-the-Rhine studio don’t show. The 34-year-old seems as fresh and feisty as the kids waiting for him in the classroom of the old mansion on Montgomery Road.

Cox is managing 11 kids—three white, the rest black, like him. In blue jeans, with his dreadlocks loosely pulled behind his head, he doesn’t look like much of an authoritarian. With his easygoing smile and the fact that, at five-foot-one, he’s shorter than some of the preteens enrolled in “Camp Create,” you might mistake him for a cool older brother. But the kids know who’s in charge…


This issue also features a great piece about Apryl Reign — one of Cincinnati’s finest DJs. The article was written by friend and fellow University of Cincinnati Journalism alum Mildred Fallen.

And I should also send a shout out to my mentor Kathy Y. Wilson. Wilson has a big calendar breakout in the October issue of Cincinnati Magazine for “Your Negro Tour Guide” (or YNTG, as some of us call it). It’s a stage adaptation  — a one-woman play performed by Torie Wiggins — based on her book Your Negro Tour Guide: Truths In Black & White (which itself was a collection of columns she wrote for CityBeat.)

And one of my former professors at UC, Jenny Wohlfarth, contributed to the issue, too. (In a way that isn’t really news; her work is a regular part of the magazine.)

There’s plenty of other good reading this month, too. But the “6 degrees of separation” quality of this issue is extra fun for me. Check it out!




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