CityBeat »» Back to Bass-ics: Bootsy Collins’ online Funk U

9 07 2010

Check out my article about Bootsy Collinsonline Funk University, featured in this week’s issue of CityBeat!

It’s available all over Cincinnati, wherever fine alt weeklies are sold — and by “sold,” I mean handed out for free.

Here’s a tiny sneak peek:

Cover of July 7-13 issue of CityBeat.


… As most of his fellow Cincinnatians already know, Collins became a music icon as a bassist for James Brown’s band and became an even bigger star as a driving force in Parliament Funkadelic. That would be more than enough fame for a lot of people.

Over the years, he’s grown increasingly concerned about the legacy of Funk in a world full of Auto-Tune, Guitar Hero and electronic drum machines.

“Our live music is being threatened every day by the ease of our friendly computer and all its handy programs,” Collins said via e-mail.

His latest project, Funk University, which began classes July 1, might become the way to preserve Funk for the next generation to enjoy…


Read more here!




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