To boldly split infinitives where they have never been split before…

8 04 2010

“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”

Princess Irulan, from Frank Herbert’s Dune

This blog has been a long time in coming. One question had to be answered before I started. How can I write about big things (truth, justice, democracy, religion, etc.) and still make this fun for me to publish and others to read? I have little interest in reading blogs that are merely personal diaries, and even less interest in writing one.

But I imagine if I were to ask him, Cornel West (a.k.a Councillor West) would say that I still have to be mindful of how I’m “historically situated” – who I am and the perspective my various traditions bring to issues.

So I ran down the list of things that define me: God-fearing, 20-something, black, male, journalist, hip-hop generation, politically aware, Cincinnati resident, and pretty immersed in the geek culture of science fiction, comic books, computers and video games. It’s a start.

While the blog isn’t “about me,” per se — Who’d want to read that? — it does reflect a synthesis of all of the perspectives I represent. It views politics, culture, and society through the lens of that identity.

And as for the name —The Mothership Connection seemed like a good fit. It’s a reference to the seminal, science fiction-inspired album by Parliament Funkadelic (featuring Cincinnati native Bootsy Collins on bass and vocals, by the way). It’s a good match for what I’m doing with this little experiment.

The Mothership Connection is about just that – connections. Between music and politics. Between current events and fiction. Between “high culture” and “low culture.” Between the secular and the sacred. It explores social issues from a fresh perspective by taking them out of the usual compartments.

If you were pleasantly surprised that Revenge of the Sith found a way to illustrate the modern threats to American democracy…

If Karl Rove’s tactics reminded you of Suge Knight

if Battlestar Galactica became one of your favorite shows because of the way it critiqued the so-called “War on Terror” …

If you loved Kanye back in the College Dropout days but still think Spock sang a lot better than he does

Or if you debate DC Comics retcons like a cross between Kevin Smith and Lupe Fiasco

Welcome home. You’re among friends.

And by the way, my name is Geoffrey Dobbins, “the brother from another planet.” I’ll be your captain on this fantastic voyage.

So as George Clinton would say, put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip, and come aboard the Mothership.




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