URB.COM »» Georgia Anne Muldrow

18 02 2010

Check out my article about producer/singer/songwriter/ rapper/pianist Georgia Anne Muldrow, featured on URB.COM!

Just follow the link: URB.COM | Georgia Anne Muldrow: Everything Coming Up Roses

When I interviewed her over the phone, Muldrow had a very distinctive way of expressing herself. Her unusual turns of phrase were so interesting, I compiled a list of my favorites. The ones listed here didn’t make it into the final piece for URB. I like to call them…


“…I’m glad that it’s inspired by the creative soul and the elders of rhythm that sustain my life force to even be a musician at all…”

“…My [creative] process starts with my melanin…”

“…Being open to let the expression of the reality that’s pushing its way forth speak through me…”

“… There are many realities happening at one time, so I choose to engage those with sonic invention…”

“…For those that are wanting to lead a conscious path, we’re etching out a culture with our soul power…”

“…We are the masters of conversion and transference…”

“…Keep on throwing that rock at that tank. Except these are heat rocks. These rocks is cosmic. These are meteor rocks. These rocks are ancient rocks that have been consecrated by the words of Africans…”




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